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"Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves?"
-The First History Man

Once upon a time an unlucky wanderer crossed the path of the warlord Immortan Joe. Or perhaps not so unlucky, because the wanderer, the nameless road warrior, wanted nothing more than to survive, and while he did survive, he also found some sort of redemption. Some sort of hope.

Because in crossing the path of Immortan Joe, he also crossed the path of women looking for escape, for green, for home. For redemption. For hope.

He was such a man, Furiosa thought, that she would keep, but would not ask to stay. She called him the best thing she could: trustworthy.

And in the end, they brought him home.

(He left again. The road was his home, not the citadel in the sky, but he would always be welcome there and they would tell his story to their children and their children's children, and he would be named their friend.)
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They beg her to go.

Down on their knees--awkwardly, in Angharad's case, what with the baby-belly--with their arms clasped around her.

"Take us away," they beg. "Take us away from the old man. Take us to the green place of many mothers. Please, please, please, Furiosa. Take us away."

"No," she tells them despite their weeping, and leaves the Vault to be alone with the fury road.

But the door opens to the end of the universe, and Furiosa thinks it is good to follow a different sort of road.

She eats and drinks, puzzled by the signs of celebration all around--a harvest home, she thinks, like in the books piled in the Vault--and takes a room, where she can sleep the night through.

The smell at the end of the universe is so different (bread and warm sugar and burning wood, pungent.) The air (you can almost taste the water). The sounds (water lapping against the lake shore, wind through the leaves, sounds long gone from her murdered world.)

She falls asleep to their lullaby.

I was taken as a child. Stolen. )

When she wakes, she will weep a few tears.

But she will go back to the Citadel and go into the Vault, and together they will form a plan.
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"You mustn't tell them those stories," says Aunt Giddy as Furiosa leaves the Vault. "It's no use to them. It only makes them more dissatisfied."

Furiosa pauses, looks at Giddy. Says softly, "I think it gives them hope."

"Do you have hope?" Giddy challenges her.

Furiosa resumes her walk away from the Vault. "I have memories."

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